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Visiting Guam

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Guam is a beautiful tropical island, known for its pristine beaches and clear blue water. Aside from the natural beauty, the people are nice. They are friendly and have a diverse culture with many unique customs. Discovering the island should not stop in your hotel or resort. Make sure to visit the tourist attractions. Enjoy learning and participating in local activities. So, you can gain a deeper understanding of Guam by experiencing the culture.


People find the island’s beauty and its culture appealing reasons to visit Guam. There are a lot of things to do on Guam. So, if you plan to visit Guam, then the following list will help you in determining what to do when you get there. So, you can make the most of your trip.



For most, a Guam getaway means enjoying the beach while basking in the tropical sun. Guam has the perfect water temperature. It is warm, yet cool enough to be refreshing. There are so many water activities, like banana boating, kayaking, and dolphin watching. There is plenty of marine life, which makes Guam an ideal spot for scuba diving and snorkeling. If you are not the adventurous type, do not worry. Guam is perfect for a stress-relieving vacation. The soothing environment and beaches are very relaxing.


Touring traditional villages to get a feeling of what it was like during earlier days on Guam. With many historical monuments, churches, forts, and archaeological sites on Guam.  Watching the cultural shows will help you connect with the roots of the island. Guam has many historical artifacts. Some from prehistoric times. Others from  the time when Guam was a Spanish colony and more from World War II.  Sites harkening back in time are all over Guam. Guam also has interesting Museums.


There are 19 villages on Guam. They each have fiestas and celebrations. Village fiestas have great food, lively music, and are a lot of  fun. The villagers are energetic and welcoming. So you can have a great time partying with them. While at the same time learning about their  local customs.


A getaway would not be complete without food trips. Guam has a large number of restaurants that serve many international cuisines. You can taste the Asian, American, and Spanish influences in local island cuisine. A food fusion that is pleasurable to almost everyone’s palate.

One traditional food you should try while you are on Guam is “red rice”. Seasoned rice has annatto seeds from the achiote plant added. Which produces a distinctive orange color and is the so-called red rice.


At night, Guam’s energy is still alive and kicking. The night clubs, bars, and lounges are in various areas of Guam. With Tumon being the best-known village for party spots. If you are lucky you may be invited to a village or local party. They usually have upbeat music provided by local bands or DJs.


Looking for designer items and unique handicrafts while visiting the island? You will find them in boutiques and markets around Guam. Local artisans make unique handcrafted products made using traditional skills. Resulting in rare special items that you will not find anywhere else. What makes the shopping on Guam better is all your purchases are tax-free!


As a tourist with no relatives on Guam, you will need to find a place to stay. You can book a reservation at any of Guam’s hotels. There are plenty of  beachfront accommodations. Many with rooms with incredible views. So amazing, that you could enjoy a vacation on Guam without even leaving your room. For a unique experience though, stay at a bed and breakfast owned by a local. There is a range of bed-and-breakfasts and other types of lodging on Guam. Private individuals offering accommodations often give guests better value for the money. If you want to stay in a place that is ultra-high-end, or if you prefer to find a nice place that costs less, you can find it.


You now have a general idea of what to do on Guam. So, let us focus on specifics. Where should you go to enjoy some activities? Read on to discover seven of the many wonders Guam has to offer.


Visitors and locals love the Chamorro Village night market. It gives a good sample of Guam’s history and culture. It has local art and entertainment, and delicious traditional foods. Because it is outdoors, going in the evening is best. That way you can enjoy the experience in the cooler evening air. It is one of the favorite places for shopping at night. You can find many gifts and souvenirs in outdoor stores and stalls. With many choices, and something for every budget. A Guam flag is a favorite souvenir, because of the beautiful Coat of Arms in the center of the flag.

Wednesday night is the big night at Chamorro Village. This attracts locals and visitors alike. Wednesday nights are lively and always have more going on. If you are lucky enough to catch a cultural show, it will make your night market experience one to remember.


Talofofo Falls Resort Park is one of the many natural spots on Guam. It’s the most visited waterfall on Guam by tourists and locals. The 3o foot waterfall is not the only thing to see in the park. There is also the Guam Historical Museum, Yokoi’s Cave, and an observation tower. You can hike to the waterfall or ride a cable car. Seeing the waterfall while riding in the gondola above the river is worth doing at least once.


At the southern tip of Guam lies a splendid little island in a turquoise lagoon. Cocos Island is a must-visit; the mere sight of it is relaxing. You can enjoy sports and activities along its pristine waters. Face the thrill of windsurfing, jet-skiing, snorkeling, and many other activities. With proper safety precautions, of course.


As the story goes, a young couple in love wanted to marry. Family members would not allow them to marry though. So, they went to the cliff, tied their hair together, held each other, and leaped to the rocky waters below. The cliff gets its name(s) from the lovers’ tragic story.

The story is hundreds of years old. When the Spanish ruled Guam the name was Lovers’ Cape (Cabo de los Amantes). The newest name is Two Lovers Point (Puntan Dos Amantes). Most likely changed for commercial reasons.

The view from the 378-foot cliff is breathtaking. Looking upon the sea below though, and knowing the story, captures the imagination. Wrenching one’s heart if you let it.

The view and the story have helped to make Two Lovers Point one of the most visited attractions on Guam. Heart Lock Wall is a new attraction. It is a wall that couples clip lockets as a way of pledging their love.


The Fish Eye Marine Park lets you experience being underwater while remaining dry. It’s an underwater observatory that allows you to view marine life in the ocean. You cross a walkway to reach the observatory.  When you get to the observatory you’ll walk down into what feels like a stationary submarine. There you’ll see fish and sometimes scuba divers swimming outside the viewports. It’s a popular dive spot called Piti Bomb Holes. The holes were already there before the observatory. The name Bomb Holes is because of the appearance, not because of bombs. The holes are from natural depressions in the inner reef. The observatory is in the largest of the three holes. That has a depth of around 30 feet. Inside the observatory, you can walk down to a depth of about 20 feet. After exiting the observatory you can take some Instagram-worthy photos. If you can capture sunset photos while on the walkway they will look great.


Immerse yourself in learning Guam history while inside The Latte of Freedom Monument. The monument displays facts about Chamorro culture and history. Besides explaining the purpose of the monument’s construction.


Now, for the stop and shop. GPO or Guam Premier Outlets is a wise choice. It’s a mall packed with stores that have tons of well know brands. With many of the items having bargain prices. Especially at the store called Ross. They have clothing, shoes, jewelry, and beauty products, and much more.


When visiting Guam, remember to respect and appreciate people and their customs. You should learn the dos and don’ts before your visit to avoid problems. Have fun but stay safe. You should budget your expenses while planning your itinerary. Try and make the most of your vacation, and do not forget to take lots of photos and share them with others.

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