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Malu’s Sunset

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Finally, the sunset moment when swimsuit model Malu is perfectly framed against Guam’s colorful sky!

It’s no surprise that Malu won Miss Earth Guam. Because her inner beauty shines through, with a deep caring for mother earth. Not only does she care about the environment, but she also has a very caring nature. This has made her a wonderful representative for Guam, and the amazing things the island has to offer.

Interestingly, Malu’s grandfather’s passion for photography inspired Malu to become a professional photographer. So, the beauty in front of the camera also shares the beauty that she sees from behind a camera.

Malu specializes in wedding photography, maternity photography, and family portraits. When browsing through her photos on her Facebook page, you will be so amazed by her photos. The photos of romantic couples as they stroll down the beach or laugh in one another’s arms are amazing. In beautiful places like a field of flowers. With amazing backdrops like the perfect glow of a tropical sunset. Whether it’s a child appreciating nature… or a couple surrounded by colorful trees — her love for nature is very noticeable in her photos. Which sort of makes sense for a Miss Earth.

Photo by Herman Crisostomo


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Herman Crisostomo
Herman Crisostomohttps://guam.com/about/herman-crisostomo
Guam based photographer and filmmaker. Owner of Pacific Pictures Film & Video, Pictures, Inc., and Tribalmoda. Training: BA and BS in Illustrative Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California, and an MFA in Film from Art Center, College of Design in Los Angeles. Photography & Cinematography — Produce, Direct, Shoot, Edit TV commercials, Music Videos, Documentaries, Corporate Videos. TV, Print Advertising, Fashion Glamour Model Portfolio Photography/Social Media Marketing Strategies.


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