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New Dive Gear for 10 Year Old

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Learning to Dive at Age 10

Pictured is Kaili Larkin in front of the MDA Dive Shop on Guam on her 10th birthday getting ready to learn to scuba dive. With her is her 15 year old sister Haley who has been a certified scuba diver for 5 years. Their sister Asia was certified to dive by one of her good friend’s father at Papalagi Dive Station. Since then though… The rest of the Larkin kids have done their diving certifications with MDA.

Age 10 is the minimum age to become certified to scuba dive on Guam, and in most other places. Any student divers younger than 15 will earn a PADI Junior Open Water Diver certification. When they reach age 15 the certification can then be upgraded to a PADI Open Water Diver certification.


About the Kids

Kaili and her brother John were born on Guam. The grew up together on Guam with their sisters Asia and Haley. Along with their cousins; Meghan, Sam, Selah, Shane and Ashley Larkin. The cousins Meghan and Sam are attending college in the US.  Selah and Ashley and still on Guam going to school and are both exceptionally skilled football (soccer) players. Shane just finished high school and he will be heading off to college soon.  


Where Are They Now, and What Are They Doing?

Kaili, John, haley and Asia are living in Australia. Kaili is now a biologist. Kaili and Haley like their Grandfather, Moe Cotton, are a passionate artists. Their brother John is a filmmaker, and their sister Asia is a writer and in business now.  


How Can I Learn to Dive, or Get My Kids Certified on Guam?

There are a lot of dive shops on Guam with great dive instructors, but MDA is definitely one of the top picks. They have a convenient location, with a large selection of dive gear and they do great sales. Especially, their sale before Christmas. They also do dive equipment rental & repair, and have a dive education center onsite. Plus they organize excellent shore dives, and have a fleet of dive boats for boat dives. So, if you are looking for a good place to learn to dive, or to get your kids dive certified on Guam, MDA is a great choice.

More About the Larkin Kids

Kaili Larkin • John Larkin
• Haley Larkin • Asia Larkin

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