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Herman Crisostomo

Herman Crisostomo

Professional Cinematographer and Photographer

Hi, my name is Herman Crisostomo. My passion is photography and filmmaking. For me, the world revolves around art; with film and photography being my favorite forms. My life is my art.

My Background

I was born in Sinajana, Guam. During the 1970s, I studied art and the University of Guam. It's here where I learned to love the camera. At first, I was not a big fan. But once I got the hang of it, the camera became a part of me. My passion for photography continued to grow while I was in school.
When I finished school at the University of Guam, I receive my bachelor's in Art. Soon after, I wanted to continue to improve my craft, so I decided to go to America. There are so many schools in the United States that specialize in photography and film. I had to go.
By 1977 I earned my bachelor's in art from the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbra. It's here where I also received my degree in illustrative photography. This pushed me and my photography to the next level. But I had a longing for filmmaking.
In the late 1980s, I had attended the College of Design in Los Angeles. It's here where I was able to become a filmmaker. My passion for photography and cinematography grew even more! I owe much of my success to what I have learned at these great schools.

My Work


I specialize in fashion and glamor work.
You will see my style in print and television advertising. One crucial element in my photography is lighting. Using the right lighting help convey the message. It important to me that I communicate with my audience.
The connection between what I want my audience to see and what they do see is essential. Creating that connection is part of the process of being an artist. But this is not the only factor; you must include styling, setting, composition, and even appeal. So much goes into photography, and my work captures all that.
Much of my photography is centered around fashion and glamor. I love to photograph faces as they are the emphasis of style. My photography becomes more powerful when I use faces; the emotion comes to life and brings out the best in my work.


When it comes to cinematography or filmmaking, entertainment is vital. With commercials, leaving the audience with a positive message is a must. So, they want to buy the product. You have to make them happy.
Entertaining the audience helps people to remember the product. So, they will buy it and keep coming back for more. This positive emotion will last longer than negative emotions. It has a more significant impact on your message.

Why choose me?

With my experience in both photography and cinematography, you will be happy with my work. You will be hard-pressed to find a more professional and hardworking artist. I do everything I can to connect with the audience and give your product a positive impression.
Contact me to discuss what you are looking to do. I'll take the time to answer any questions you have and go over what I can do for you.

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Herman Crisostomo

Herman Crisostomo

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